How to Keep Your AC Running Cool This Spring?


Oh, spring! As the season gets closer, it’s time to plant your lettuce and tomatoes, stock up on allergy medicine, and do spring AC repair on your home’s HVAC system to get it ready for the warmer months. 

Keeping your system clean will make it work better, last longer, and help you cross something off your list of things to do for spring maintenance. 

But if you need to learn more about HVAC systems, it’s best to call a nearby air conditioning company for repair. So, use these HVAC tips for spring to get your system ready for warmer weather.

Clean the Outdoor Condenser

On the first bright day of spring, when you can comfortably be outside, take up the outside duties. If you decide to cover your air conditioner for the winter, start by removing the cover. 

The condenser is the outdoor unit you mistake for the air conditioner. Possibly filthy after a long winter. Using a broom or brush, remove any debris or leaves that have become lodged in the grates or on the condenser base.

Remove Vegetation

Don’t let plants or shrubs get too close to your condenser unit; it requires room to breathe. Trim any overlying plants about two feet from the outside condenser to create a boundary around them. Cut your bushes and shrubs with a hedge trimmer, loppers, or a hand-held pruner.

Change Your Filters

Plan this springtime air conditioning repair chore for a rainy day so you can take advantage of the sunshine. An air filter must be changed if it appears dirty, as air cannot pass through one that is dirty. 

Regular furnace filter replacement is another way to maintain the system operating at its best. Mold, pollutants, and even viruses can be captured by HVAC filters.

 Organize Your Maintenance Area

Dust any dirt off your furnace and HVAC system with a vacuum or sweep around it. It may not be on your typical vacuum route, but now and then it’s worth a glance and a cleaning pass to prevent dirt from getting into the vital system. 

Before you clean, ensure nothing obstructs registers or vents by moving storage boxes as necessary.

Hire a Pro for Bi-Annual Maintenance

Calling an air conditioning repair specialist for a bi-annual system tune-up is best done in the spring. Waiting till the first hot day increases the danger of running an ineffective air conditioner and extending the servicing wait time because everyone will want their systems examined as well. 

Twice a year—in the spring and the fall—you should have a professional check and maintain your HVAC system. 

HVAC specialists will verify that the engine, blower, and belts are all operating properly and check the refrigerant level. The coils and fins will be cleaned as well by the professional. Thus, include HVAC maintenance in your list of spring cleaning chores.

Check Refrigerant Lines for Leaks

The professionals are better off handling most refrigerant leak detection methods. Still, if you think the refrigerant in your air conditioner is leaking, you can try a few things on your own. 

Visual inspection will reveal whether there is a leak. See if there is any oil or residue on the valves, connectors, or fittings. These variations can indicate a leak that has to be fixed. 

Using an electronic leak detector is an alternate approach. This specialist instrument will notify you of leaks, which can make the process easier to locate and remove the guesswork. Leak detectors are expensive, though, so it’s preferable to get in touch with an HVAC professional who can find leaks and come up with a solution.